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Will Chord Overstreet Be Kurt’s Boyfriend? Not if Chris Colfer Has a Say In It

We've assumed for months that the newly cast Chord Overstreet is going to become Kurt's new boyfriend as the second season of Glee progresses. Jane Lynch (Sue) has even said he's going to be Kurt's BF. But is someone having second thoughts? Apparently so, and it's Chris Colfer!

The Glee star, who plays Kurt, says that Chord's introductory scene — a singing in the shower moment much like Finn's opener last year — in the season premiere is so hot, there's not a chance his character will fall for Kurt. "After seeing the episode, I feel like it’s not going to happen because all the girls are going to fall in love with him and they’re not going to want to see [him with Kurt],” he says. “And I don’t want to be the guy girls hate. I’m the gay guy the girls love." Oh, Chris. How are you so charming?

"I don’t want to become the target. I don’t want the letters that say, ‘Kurt needs to get off our man. Stop kissing our boyfriend.’ Young girls can be vicious. I don’t want to know how Kristen Stewart feels. I don’t want to be the Bella of the Glee world. I like being the guy everyone likes.” How could we not like him?

Colfer adds that there’s no sign of romantic tension between Sam and Kurt in the first four episodes. “Maybe it is too obvious,” he theorizes. “Our writers have a way of avoiding the obvious and throwing curveballs.” Hmm, the plot thickens...

Source: EW

09.10.2010 / 04:27 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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