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Gossip Girl

GG Tweet Treats: Listen to The Pretty Reckless EP for Free

Like Gossip Girl herself, some of our fave GG-ers can't resist sending out blasts from their CrackBerries. Sometime between filming and being famous, the cast manages to squeeze in primo Twitter time. Here are a couple of choice tweets.

taylormomsen (Jenny): People sayin you treatin me unkind, I coulda done better babe but I don't mind, you just kind a wasted my precious time... First Dante, now Dylan. You're on a roll, Tay.

ZuzannaWanda (Dorota): I am heading down to Soho for my friend's bon voyage party. She is going to Italy for 3 months. jealous Yeah, so are we!

taylormomsen (Jenny): check out the ep Before deciding to drop cash to hear Taylor Momsen scream in your ear, you can test out the EP here.

JoshSchwartz76 (Creator of GG): what should i be listening to? We bet T-Moms has an idea.

ZuzannaWanda (Dorota): Hello everybody! Hope the weekend was fabulous. I went on a bike ride yesterday that almost did me in :) Be careful! We need Dorota around in Season 4 to keep Miss Blair in line!

09.13.2010 / 11:22 PM EDT by Charlie
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