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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Title Released for Episode 13 of PLL

We’re moving right along when it comes to the second part of the first season of Pretty Little Liars... at least in terms of getting episode names. OK fine, so it’s not the same as actually getting to see the episodes, but a little sneak peek can offer a whole lot of speculation. Writer Marlene King announced the title of episode 13 over the weekend. If that’s all we can get, we’re definitely taking it.

King tweets, “Episode #113. KNOW YOUR FRENEMIES. The first one I have had a chance to write since returning. So excited to share it with you all.” And obviously we’re excited to see it. But what could the title mean for the episode? We all know a frenemy is both a friend and an enemy, which has us believing it could be possible that “A” is actually a friend of the girls. Could “A” in fact be one of the girls? We’re starting to freak out that our beloved Aria has something to do with this nonsense.

Apparently the girls need to be keeping their eyes on each other. After all, they were barely even talking to each other right after Alison died. “A” totally brought them back together and we have a feeling everything could be about to fall apart again.

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09.13.2010 / 08:50 PM EDT by Susan Anderson
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