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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Winner Dave Good Releases Book on “Man Code”

Somehow, this is not a joke. David Good — who just won Bachelor Pad with Natalie Getz, but who is still probably best known for the "man code" that bullied Juan Barbieri and turned off Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette — has written a book called "The Man Code."

According to the information on Jesse Kovacs' wine site — where you can pre-order Dave's book for $22.99: "The Man Code governs conduct between men and with women. To date, if you understood the man code, no words were necessary; if you didn’t, no words were possible. As David, who shared a man-code bond with Jesse on both shows, likes to say 'There are just certain things you do and don’t do.' Now Good is giving women a look under the hood at The Man Code, and how it pertains to relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom. At long last, the roadmap to a guy’s guy’s softer side has been revealed."

"In The Man Code, Good writes, 'Men know how to put up a protective wall that not only makes us SEEM like we don’t care, but can actually make us BELIEVE that we don’t care — unless that wall is broken down by the few people who can. Typically, those people are women: our moms, our sisters, and our girl — definitely not all girls, but certainly the ones who matter and make us feel safe enough to let go and be real.'”

The book will supposedly describe how women can break down the facade of the tough guy, stripping away the bravado and revealing a man with morals and pride who wants to make his woman feel safe. "The Man Code is a straight-talk that goes straight to the head and heart — and in many cases, the funny bone. In his book, Good helps women crack the code and decipher the men they’re attracted to but don’t understand."

Barf. Dave seems to be an ageist and a bully. But if fans want to give him even more money — and continue to support the alpha males of the world over the nice guys — check out more information on the book here. "The Man Code" will be released in October.

09.14.2010 / 09:42 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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