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The Bachelorette

Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden Are Acting Like a Couple

They may not have had a shot at the $250,000 — but former Bachelor Pad contestants Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand seem to have a shot at love. A source told RadarOnline that the controversial pair were “acting like a couple” at Voyeur Nightclub this past Friday.

“At one point, Gia grabbed Wes’ arm and pulled him close for a kiss...They were holding hands for most of the night,” the source continued. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the two were all over each other at the filming of the Bachelor Pad finale.

The Weatherman, Gwen Gioia, and Peyton Wright were partying at Voyeur as well, and they say that Wes and Gia “disappeared together at about 1:30am.” We can only assume the Modern-Day Shakespeare was looking for some new musical inspiration.

Source: RadarOnline