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Jersey Shore

Snooki Still Looking For Love

Jeff Miranda’s proposal has not encouraged Snooki in her quest for love. "I knew that guy for two hours and obviously he's trying to get fame off me. I was scared for my life," revealed Snooki at the InTouch Weekly's Idols and Icons party Sunday, September 12. He was evidently stalking her to a dangerous degree.

Snooks is still looking for that perfect guido juicehead, but Vinny’s not it either. She labeled their relationship as “just friends with benefits.” She went on to say, "I think it would be cute if we dated, but Vinny's not like that." We don’t know, Snookers, he did seem pretty heartbroken in the last episode. Maybe he’s got a monogamous side after all?

Arm in arm with Snooki at the InTouch Weekly party was gal pal JWOWW, who dished on her own love life: Her new boy is “a really good friend and [she’s] really happy.” Luckily for JWOWW, she had her boyfriend to fall back on after an embarrassing run-in with Justin Timberlake at the VMAs Sunday night. Said JWOWW, "Right before I was getting in the hot tub, I was in my bathing suit running down the hallway in my high heels and I ran into Justin Timberlake! So embarrasing. I'm like half naked and this is how I'm going to meet the guy?" Rough! But we’re glad your new boyfriend was there to help you rinse the egg off your face.

Source: E! Online