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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelor Pad Couples Are Still Dating?

Spoiler King Reality Steve took a beating after The Bachelorette but his Bachelor Pad spoilers have been on point and he even revealed the winner last week. We'll find out tonight if he was right.

But that's not what fans really seem to care about. People have been asking him for status updates on who is still dating after the show. Last week he wrote that only Tenley and Kiptyn were still together after the show. Of Kip-Ten, Reality Steve wrote, "YES. They are officially dating now. Not quite sure why it took this show for them to make it official, nor do I understand their relationship in the least bit, but they are dating now..."

Everyone else, from Wes and Gia to Kovacs and Elizabeth he filed under "Not a couple." But last Wednesday's taping of the Bachelor Pad finale changed everything. Here are the new status updates:

Wes and Gia: Something broke up Gia and her boyfriend and if it wasn't Wes it probably should've been. Supposedly Wes and Gia profess their "love" for each other on tonight's finale and make out on stage in front of everyone. Their making-out session continues well into the after-party for everyone to see. But Steve says they are still not dating. What does it take for a relationship to constitute "dating" these days?
Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth: We're told Elizabeth calls out Kovacs as a player and whatever else. But Kovacs is supposedly hooking up with someone who is not on the show and he doesn't care what Elizabeth says. Does anyone, really?
Jesse Beck and Peyton: Are just friends. Jesse B. has a new girlfriend (who also isn’t part of the show) that he brought to the after-party. Who knows if this will last.
Dave and Every Girl He Meets: Dave must be giving off some serious pheromones. Here's the lineup of women who want a piece of Dave at the finale: Natalie Getz, Krisily Kennedy, Peyton Wright and Jessie Sulidis. He ends up leaving the after-party with Jessie, which left a lot of ladies (and probably Kovacs) very upset.

Anyone shocked that Kovacs and Elizabeth are no longer together? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Source: Reality Steve