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Pretty Little Liars

Happy Birthday, Ian Harding. Now Get a Twitter Account

It’s tough to wish someone happy birthday on Twitter when they don’t have a Twitter account. It’s Ian Harding’s birthday today and his co-stars seem to be in agreement that he should get a Twitter account for his birthday. We agree! After all, how else will we send him our birthday love?

Holly Marie Combs tweets, “Happy Birthday Ian Harding! Lemme get u a twitter for ur berfday. Or ur sister can b ur twitter spokeperson. U choose. Yes that is a threat.” Threats generally seem to work, right? And Keegan Allen says, “Many Happy Returns to Mr. Ian Harding. How about Twitter for your birthday present? haha... (But seriously, you don't have a choice.)”

Does this mean a Twitter account is on the horizon for Ian Harding? We hope so! Just because he plays a teacher on TV doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to join in on the social networking fun. After all, Holly Marie Combs plays Aria Mongomery’s mom on the show and she’s one of the most active PLL cast members on Twitter. We hope the cast upholds their promise/threat and sits Ian down at a computer to sign him up for Twitter. Then and only then will he be allowed a piece of birthday cake.

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09.16.2010 / 11:35 PM EDT by Susan Anderson
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