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America's Next Top Model

The Jays Weigh In On Gaga’s Meat Dress

The world went wild over Lady Gaga's meat ensemble at the VMAs, but newsflash: ANTM did it first. The freaky fashionista donned a gown evidently fashioned out of raw meat to the award show last Sunday night, which stirred up a touch of controversy, a lot of strange glances and quite a few disgusted onlookers. She only wore it while accepting one award, but that still begs the question: how exactly does one keep a dress made of raw meat fresh for an award show appearance? Designer Franc Fernandez must have dropped it off in a cooler or something. However, as we all know and the Jays were quick to point out, ANTM did a meat-outfitted photo shoot in Cycle 10. Says Mr. Jay, “Sorry Gaga! You know I love you. You know that you're the true supreme artiste, but we did do a photo shoot with the girls all dressed in meat in the Meatpacking District in New York City.” Zing! Miss J didn’t hesitate in schooling Gagaloo on her lack of originality either, chiming in with, “That’s why I have nothing to say about Lady Gaga, because I was Gagagging.” Um, gross. But yeah! It was raw meet at a live event! Not raw meat on a controlled photo shoot.

We sincerely hope that Cher, who presented Gaga with the award (and was asked to hold onto her meat purse while she was making her acceptance speech), as well as attendees seated next to her in the audience, avoided Salmonella. Hope you brought your hand sanitizer, Cher!

Source: MTV


09.16.2010 / 08:16 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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