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America's Next Top Model

Esther Balances Jewish Religion and ANTM

Modern Orthodox Jewess and buxom ANTM contestant (how often do those two things describe the same girl?) Esther Petrack hopes to find a religious balance in the secular life she’s forced to lead on the reality series. By all accounts of the first episode, so far, so good. She managed to show up to her initial interview with Tyra and the Jays in accordance with Modern Orthodox codes of dress. Her clavicle, elbows, and knees remained covered and she still managed to look fashionable in a slouchy black sweater and crazy patterned leggings, prompting the exclamation from Tyra, “Look at those pants!” We noticed them. Thanks, Miss Tyra. She went on to grill the Top Model hopeful, asking whether she planned on observing the Sabbath even though models work 24/7. After enumerating the restrictions on using electricity Orthodox Jews are held to, Esther worked out that she would, in fact, be willing to break Shabbat rules to pursue ANTM. It looks like she made the right decision, seeing as she’s sailed through the first two episodes this cycle.

Mind you, after this whole exchange, she didn’t hesitate to lift her top to flash Tyra and the Jays her 30G breasts, which is obviously not Kosher. But Esther stands by the ballsy move saying, “I’m at a point in my life where I’m figuring things out. I’m going to try to do as much as I can religious-wise, but I did kinda draw my line in the sand when I auditioned for this."

We give her and ANTM serious props for bringing such a strong, diverse perspective to the realm of guilty pleasure reality TV.

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09.17.2010 / 01:52 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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