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The Bachelorette

Gia Hosts Bachelor Beach Party with Chris L., Wes, Gwen, and Peyton

Gia Allemand is hosting her own little Bachelor party this weekend in the Hamptons. We're a little upset that our invitation was lost in the mail, but we'll try to rise above our anguish. Gia tweeted yesterday that she was busy cleaning and food shopping for her "Bachelor homies," who arrive today. "Hurry up and get here @ChrisLambton13 @McSwaggerMusic @JasonResminiEsq @PeytonJWright @AHunt125 @wesleyhayden @GwenGioia."

Yep, that's Chris Lambton, Wes Hayden, Peyton Wright, Gwen Gioia, Jason "Jay" Resmini — the Rhode Island lawyer Ali dumped early on The Bachelorette, Ashleigh Hunt of Jake's season of The Bachelor and Armande Milhouse, aka Milz, of Audio McSwagger. Chances are he'll be handling the music, unless he and Wes will be sharing the honors.

Either way, this is like a mini Bachelor Pad. Do you think they'll hold a kissing contest? They should bring cameras and start filming in case they never do find a Bachelor for Season 15 and ABC needs to fill air time in January.