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Jersey Shore

You Ask, We Answer: Sammi’s Diet, JWOWW’s Boobs, and Snooki’s Reality Show

Hey there, Jersey Shore fans! We’ve got another round of questions from our Facebook page. Y’all sure are some curious cats, but don’t worry, we’ve got some fact-nip for ya. From JWOWW’s chest to Snooki’s reality dating show, here are answers to some of your most burning questions. Remember, if you’ve got a JS question for us, just ask on our Facebook page and we’ll try to get you an answer.

Q: How does Sammi stay so thin?

A: Sammi says her secret to staying slim in her white short-shorts is laying off the carbs: “I miss it like crazy, but I don’t eat pasta anymore... I eat my vegetables." Let’s not forget, Sam, that perpetually crying can also burn off a lot of calories. Thanks, Ronnie!

Q: Are JWOWW's boobs real?

A: Wow is this really a question? As the voluptuous guidette said herself: “They are paid for in full.” Makes sense; did you really think boobs are naturally shaped like perfectly round balloons filled with helium? You did? Huh.

Q: When is Snookin' For Love coming out?

A: According to several reports, Snookin’ for Love isn’t even a done deal yet. Snooki says she’s gotten a couple of different offers for a reality-style dating show, but hasn’t committed to anything. Obviously, the girl’s got other priorities right now, like lip synching to Britney Spears.