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Jersey Shore

Are You on Team JWOWW or Team Sammi?

Watching two guido juiceheads fight is kind of stupid: They're both huge and strong and neither one ever seems justified in swinging his meaty fists at the other guy. But when two guidettes fight? That's a whole 'nother story. Take the fight between JWOWW and Sammi "Sweetheart," for instance. Hair extensions flew, fake nails cracked, and punches were thrown — although we don't typically condone violence, this display of female furor was truly spectacular. But who's actually in the right? Both girls have cases, which begs an important question: Are you on Team JWOWW or Team Sammi? Let's break down the conflict:


Why She's Mad: She wanted to tell her friend the truth about her rotten, cheating boyfriend. And how is she thanked? With a fistful of fury, care of Sammi (Not-so-)Sweetheart. Even worse, Sammi decides to stay with Ron. Cue the collective groan.
Why She Should Get Over It: Sam doesn't even want to hear the truth. She stuck with Ronnie, and that's that.
Her Edge: Sammi gave Jenni a whole lot of 'tude before their big fight, and she landed a few solid punches. JWOWW didn't deserve a beating just because Sam can’t accept that Ron's a jerk.

Team Sammi

Why She's Mad: If Jenni (or Snooki) had just told her to her face, then none of this would have happened. Instead, they went completely behind her back and totally denied writing the note after she confronted them about it.
Why She Should Get Over It: Sam has already made up her mind about Ronnie, despite knowing full well the details on his shady doings.
Her Edge: Jenni should have just minded her own business! Who cares what Sam does with her personal life? Jenni and Snooki should never have typed the "anonymous" letter.

Our Verdict: Team Jenni. She had good intentions in wanting to inform her friend about her boyfriend's creepiness, and it completely blew up in her face. Sure, maybe she should have told Sammi outright instead of via a silly note, but Sam punching her in the face was uncalled for.

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09.18.2010 / 03:51 AM EDT by Rich Piepho
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