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Maggie Q’s Small-Screen Success

If someone had told Maggie Q (Nikita) five years ago that she would be headlining a hit television series, the actress — who has appeared in Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard — would never have believed it.

“It was never on the radar,” the beautiful actress revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “If you do TV, America is the place to do it. Literally, it was not even in my head. But I think that Nikita is a very big profile-raiser in America. The power of TV is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So I thought what a great opportunity to get to know the younger generation.”

Once she heard about the project — and started thinking about the possibility of a television career — she was cast almost immediately.

“The process all happened really fast,” said Q. “It was literally four or five days and the deal was done. It’s like on Monday I knew nothing about Nikita and on Friday I was starring in Nikita. It was that quick.”

It certainly helped that she already had a soft spot for her character. “I loved the original film, the Luc Besson film,” Q revealed. “I never saw any other incarnation of Nikita. But the thing that I always loved about Nikita, the character, and that I thought Luc Besson was very smart about in the ’90s, was [creating] this incredibly flawed female. You’re rooting for her because she’s escaped. You’re rooting for her because she’s been given no choice in her life. But at the same time you’re dealing with somebody who’s taken on an enormous responsibility to get back at the people who not only have hurt her in her life but are hurting the country that she loves. I think flawed heroines are something that people relate to a lot more than they do to superheroes.”

What do you think — would you rather root for a superhero or a flawed heroine like Nikita?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

09.20.2010 / 11:33 PM EDT by Julie Walker
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