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Gossip Girl

Who Is Gossip Girl?

2. Eric. Poor E never gets plotlines of his own. What’s more, he’s usually the exasperated voice of reason to his sisters and their friends. If anyone has the right to pour out their frustrations in anonymous blog form, it’s him. But again, GG’s said some nasty things about him and about his family. We don’t think he’s got that kind of meanness in him. He does have something of a talent for puns though, which is a major red flag.


3. A minion. Downtrodden. Usually shushed before completing a sentence. Always around but never at the center of the action. Blair’s minions are prime suspects. But are any of them smart enough to pull it off? Well, maybe Nelly Yuki. She’s got layers.


4. Rufus. Because really, what else does he have to do all day?


1. Chuck. We don’t really think GG is any of the main gang — she’s hurt them all too badly at one point or another. But if any of them could be devious enough to fake the reveal of one of his crucial secrets, it would be Chuckles. But could he really have written all those mean things about Blair? Also, he has a hotel empire to run. Probably leaves little time for blogging.

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    So we don’t know about you guys, but we got hooked this summer on sexy, spooky new show Pretty Little Liars. The show is a mystery about the characters trying desperately to uncover the identity of the anonymous blackmailer who sends life-ruining text messages full of their secrets.

    And then we realized, waaiiit a second.

    Gossip Girl is also about an anonymous source who sends life-ruining text messages full of secrets. That means Gossip Girl is also a mystery. It’s just that none of the characters give a crap about solving it. But never fear, we’re on the case! We already know it’s not new girl Juliet. So who could it be? Here are our top GG suspects.

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