Tweet Treats: The Stars Get Excited
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Dancing With The Stars

Tweet Treats: The Stars Get Excited

All the star-studded glitz, glamour and ballroom dancing starts again tonight with the premiere of DWTS season 11. If you think you can’t wait, you should see what the stars have to say. Anticipation, fear, silly nicknames, lame jokes...well, everyone has their way of coping with the stress and excitement.

@mbsings (Michael Bolton): Team boltower using every last minute to rehearse!! We're ready!!! Boltower? How do you even pronounce that? But it’s good they’re working hard.

@kylemassey1991 (Kyle Massey): Season 11 of DWTS has officially begun! May the trash talking and moon walking begin haha Kyle is adorable even when threatening to trash-talk other contestants. Will people be able to take him seriously as a contestant?

@AudrinaPatridge (Audrina Patridge): Gettin ready for the big night!!:) so excited Audrina always tweets the most unexpected and insightful things.

@RickafoxBig (Rick Fox): Big day today. Want to wish all the dancers, celebs, and everybody else good luck tonight!! We always appreciate a classy competitor. Good luck, Rick.

@margaretcho (Margaret Cho): Literally ALMOsT shit my pants in car on way to dwts Um...thanks for sharing.

@DavidHasselhoff (David Hasselhoff): Hate Mondays? Cheer yourself up by watching me dance my Hassel Off on #DWTS... We see what you did there, David. Very clever. In fact, so clever, you clearly needed to repeat it in your next tweet:

@DavidHasselhoff (David Hasselhoff:): Hey I'm dancing my Hassel... Hoff tonight. If you like what you see vote for Kym and me! #Hoff, #dwts We’re sure you’ll give Margaret Cho a run for her money for “funniest contestant.”


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