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Chord Overstreet on His Glee Audition and His Future with the Show

When you watch the season premiere of Glee tonight, we're betting you're going to instantly fall in love with Chord Overstreet. As Sam, he's a newcomer to the school with vocal skills to spare. But will he join New Directions and is he earmarked to play Kurt's boyfriend? Vanity Fair spoke to Chord (he's named after a musical chord because his dad is a songwriter) to find out.

First up though, he talks about how he got on the show in the first place. "I got a call from my agent one day and he asked if I could do an audition for Glee in like 30 minutes. So I grabbed my guitar and ran over there. There were so many people in the casting office they weren’t even having anyone read the sides, they were just having people play a song. So I played one, and they asked me to come back and talk to the casting agent. Then I played again. Then they asked me to walk out and [sic] “discreetely” get my sides, and come back and read. I was there for, like, five hours. Then I went home and they called and asked me to come back and sing two songs a capella. And then I sang two songs for the studio test and two for the network test. This was like at 9:30 at night. A week later I found out I got the part." Awesome!

But will he become Kurt's BF? "I actually don’t know that yet. We get everything an episode at a time. As of what we’ve shot now, they haven’t revealed anything about my character in a relationship way. But I think we’ll find out soon enough." Hmm.

As for songs, Chord has a few dream artists in mind: "I would love to do a Justin Timberlake song or a John Mayer song. That would be fun."

Source: Vanity Fair

09.22.2010 / 03:45 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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