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Grey's Anatomy

Jesse Williams Dishes on What’s in Store for Avery

Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery) confirmed in a recent interview that getting spoilers out of Grey’s Anatomy stars is sort of like breaking into Fort Knox, saying, “Working on Grey's is like working in the Secret Service. There's no talk of anything until it happens.”

He may not know much about where his love life is going on the show, but he has some speculations, offering, "There's a lot of clamouring for the love interest. I haven't had an indication yet...Maybe they'll bring in somebody new, or maybe he'll just go abstinent because he's so focused on his work." We’re hoping for a juicy fling, just for the chance to see those smoldering looks he once gave Cristina again.

Williams does say about his character, “Jackson has to start over a little bit. He's already had to start over once, showing up in this hospital with few friends, and trying to prove himself and crack into this team that's well established, who all know each other very well and they're not particularly welcoming, all the time. Now, he has to start over again because everybody has changed and everything is changed. Your home, where you work 15 to 36 hours in a shift, has changed forever. But, at the same time, there's a bond now. We've all been through that. Everybody has their own trials and tribulations, but we all went through this together and that will bring us together."

Of course, now that practically everyone who survived the shootout has moved into Casa Grey, we’re sure there will be plenty of slumber party bonding.

Tune in to ABC this Thursday to catch the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

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