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The Bachelor

Reality Steve Apologizes to Jason and Molly Mesnick

Spoiler King Reality Steve has just publicly apologized to The Bachelor Season 13 couple Jason and Molly Mesnick for the havoc he wreaked with their reputations after using information he knew to be not-so-solid to make his reputation as a blogger.

This was back in January 2009 when there were no major spoilers about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Jason's season had just started airing and Steve got a phone call with word that a special "After the Final Rose" ceremony was being taped with Jason, his chosen one Melissa Rycroft, and his runner up Molly Malaney. The outcome of that taping was that Jason dumped Melissa and asked for a second chance with Molly, which she accepted.

Steve didn't give the dirt right away, if you remember. He teased it out for a month — milking every last return to his site for more dish — and then revealed his intel in a couple of YouTube videos. Well, as he admits now in his latest blog post, he said some things that weren't quite true. He knew at the time that some of the info he had was not 100% confirmed, but he went with it anyway because he knew it was a chance for his blog to make a mark.

Two of his biggest Jason/Molly/Melissa scoops were:

• Jason had been seeing and talking to Molly behind Melissa’s back.
• Jason was in on it all along with the producers, had always wanted to choose Molly from the very beginning, but went along with a storyline that he would choose Melissa, dump her on camera at a secret taping, and take Molly back.

"I am here to say now that both of those are 100% not true," Steve says. "When I was told, 'Jason and Molly have been seeing each other,' it was about a week or so after the initial phone call. Well, what I didn’t realize was that, yes, Jason and Molly were seeing each other, but it was AFTER they had already filmed the secret ATFR, and now were starting their relationship."

Steve explains more in detail in the post and adds that he's already apologized to Molly and bought the couple a wedding gift. "I’m not here to tell you that you have to think Jason Mesnick is a saint. What I am here to say is, if you thought he was a manipulator, and doing things behind Melissa’s back, and was in on this all along because you read it in my blog, well, that’s not true. He never did any of those things. I was given false information that I never followed up with because it was my first time getting scoop, and basically, I started believing everything that was being told to me."

Now he says he only prints things that he knows to be the truth. "I’ll leave it to the tabloids and other Johnny-come-lately sites to print gossip about people on the show, etc."

Wrong. First of all, why did he wait so long to explain this information about Jason? If he knew that his blog — which did indeed become incredibly popular and subsequently profitable after Jason/Molly/Melissa — was front and center in damaging their reputations, why wait so long to come forward about it? Why wait until everyone had moved on from hating them?

And Steve can get off his pedestal about printing only what he knows to be true since he was front and center last season, again with bad information, that Ali Fedotowsky chose no one and left The Bachelorette a single woman. It launched a crapstorm of hate against Ali for not taking the show seriously and wasting everyone's time and, turns out, she's happily engaged. So Steve has not learned as much as he likes to think he has.

Oh, and gossiping about people on the show? Maybe Steve missed his own post sharing which Bachelor Pad women have had boob jobs.

Source: Reality Steve

09.23.2010 / 09:28 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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