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Maggie Q’s Tattoos Revealed!

By now you’ve probably seen the “Looks Do Kill” posters that seem to be popping up everywhere. They’re hard to miss, not just because they’re covering every previously undecorated flat surface on earth, but also because they feature Maggie Q wearing something that would make even a veteran Dominatrix blush. First of all, she’s got on a black, crotch-cutter/one-piece, gloves that appear to be made with strips of gaffer tape, and pumps that could possibly qualify as “stilts.” (Because Maggie is a vegan, we’re gonna guess the whole getup is pleather.) But the most striking thing about it all is an accessory the stylists didn’t come up with: a large, phoenix tattoo on Maggie’s hip. Is it real? Yes. And, like most tattoos, it's got a story.

According to Maggie, while living in Asia, she often tagged along when friends visited fortunetellers. “I thought it was so fascinating,” she said. “And they would always look at me at the end of the session and go, ‘You’re a bird.’ As I started getting older and learning about myself, I got it. So I met an artist who basically said, ‘You understand what bird you represent? You’re a phoenix because you’ve come from nothing, and you’re building something.’ That meant something to me, so I wanted it to be the bird of strength.”

(Note: In case you slept through your mythology lesson, a phoenix is a mythological bird that has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn to ashes, from which a new phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. Deep, right?) The bird is especially appropriate as “Nikita” is trying to rise from the ashes of her former spy life!

Well, you know how they say getting tattoos is addictive? Maggie apparently has two other tattoos as well! But trying to find out what they are and where they are is like trying to locate the sunken city of Atlantis. There is veritably no information on them whatsoever. We’re guessing one might be located on the back of her neck, (easily concealable with her long hair) and the other might be so tiny it’s just not visible to the human eye.

But it seems Maggie wants to keep them under wraps. She says, "I like my tattoos erased out because those are mine, they're Maggie's tattoos and I kind of hide them in photo shoots and in movies. They have a lot of deeper meaning.”

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09.24.2010 / 10:30 PM EDT by Rev. Jen Miller
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