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Kristin Chenoweth Was a Real-Life Gleek

On Glee, Kristin Chenoweth plays a former McKinley High glee clubber whose glory days have long since passed. Which, funnily enough, is almost a case of life imitating art for the Broadway star. Except for the whole "past her glory years" part.

"I was the popular geeky girl," Kristin says on the MTV show When I Was 17. "I had friends that were, like, in the smoke hole, and I had friends that were in the choir with me," she says. "But I was also a Tigette, which was a pompom girl [for the school's team the Tigers]." Sounds like she was some intense combination of Rachel and Quinn. Can you imagine?

"[Kristin] was like a little pixie, very quirky," her high school principal, Max, says. "She always had a smile on her face and was friendly with everybody."

Her golden pipes and her sweet disposition haven't changed, but one thing has: Her wardrobe. "When I was 17, I looked like Belinda Carlisle," she said. "I had her exact haircut. I wore big earrings. I wore a lace bow in my hair tied to the side at all times." We're kind of glad she decided to change that look.

Source: MTV

09.24.2010 / 10:18 PM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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