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Jersey Shore

Law School is out for Vinny

The adjectives that describe Vinny are dramatically different from those attributed to his roommates Snooki and The Situation. Vinny kept it chill in Season 1 of Jersey Shore, but between hooking up with Hooters waitresses and hate-smushing Angelina, he’s come into his own this season. In an interview with NY Magazine, Vinny reflected on his personality, pondered his future career plans, and used words like “eloquently.”

"In general, I'm just not a dramatic person," says Vinny. "That's just my personality. I wasn't outlandish, I wasn't with my friends. I wasn't comfortable. I was getting used to being away from home, on the show, living with new people. By the time I got used to all that, the season was over." Now that Vinny has loosened up, he's getting showcased for more than just his creepy eye diseases.

Vinny isn't the only member of the cast with a college degree, but he made headlines when he mentioned he was considering Harvard or Yale for law school. "When I wanted to go to law school, I didn't want to really know what lawyers did, and I still didn't want a lawyer," Vinny explains. "I just wanted the degree, and that still stands. I think it's very prestigious to have a law degree. You can go into politics, the FBI, Wall Street. I would never rule that out. But I don't want to be a lawyer. I have a lawyer now, and I see what he does, and it's not for me." Plus, he's probably not raking in the kind of figures you are, Vin.

The least combative of the JS crew, Vinny admits he can be overshadowed by his more flamboyant roommates. "I think that people who have more of a story around them — a nickname — they are definitely segueing into other things that would get them endorsements, magazines, this show or that show. Pauly does the D.J.'ing thing. Me, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. There is no gimmick to me, there is no nickname. It's just Vinny." True. "Low-key Vinny" lacks cachet.

Instead of parlaying his fame into endorsements for Vinny's Pinkeye Cream, he's choosing to focus on his future. "I'm starting to shape my career," Vinny says. "I'm interested in acting, more than anything. So I want to dedicate that time to getting coached and getting auditions." Out of all the guidos and guidettes, we can see Vinny having the chops to take on serious roles, particularly in a Goodfellas spinoff. Or better yet, My Other Cousin Vinny?

09.24.2010 / 09:37 PM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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