Kiptyn Locke Plans to Make Roses Pay for Charity
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The Bachelorette

Kiptyn Locke Plans to Make Roses Pay for Charity

Kiptyn Locke isn't waiting for another shot at $250,000 to continue his philanthropy. The runner-up for both Season 5 of The Bachelorette and the first season of Bachelor Pad is working on a new rose-related project called Hope Rose.

"It's an online business where you can send someone a gift of a single rose or a dozen roses," explains Kiptyn to BuddyTV. "The recipient receives the rose(s) and a gift card with a redemption code that can be taken back online to a site where they can browse dozens of charities. Ultimately the recipient chooses the charity of their choice, and 100% of the contribution amount funds go directly to the nonprofit organization and/or specific highlighted project. The goal is to grow this business to a place where we are making a significant positive impact on several dozen or more causes every single month. The big picture is changing the model of giving while also empowering people. Think pay-it-forward."

Kiptyn also talks about his time on Bachelor Pad — including how he was sick the day of the Dancing with the Stars challenge — and his initial reservations about getting involved with the show. "I definitely wrestled with the idea of participating in Bachelor Pad. In the end I'm glad I was a part of the show. It would have been nice to win the money and launch this charitable movement a bit sooner, but hey, when it comes to being #2, I'm #1.

Another consolation: Bachelor Pad gave Kiptyn a serious relationship with co-runner-up Tenley Molzahn, resulting in the powerful force known as Kip-Ten. "I think we're learning a lot about each other and finding that we're both positive people so I'd say we're optimistic," Kiptyn says of their future together. "I think the most important thing to both Tenley and I is to be real with one another and take things at a real world pace."

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