Kurt Warner: God Wanted Me to Do DWTS
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Dancing With The Stars

Kurt Warner: God Wanted Me to Do DWTS

It might have been surprising to see Kurt Warner on Dancing with the Stars for a number of reasons. For starters, he's an NFL quarterback — not a profession that immediately comes to mind when you think "dancer." Then there's also the fact that Warner is an outspoken, devout Christian and some of the material on the show is a bit...scandalous. Well, Warner heard his dissenters loud and clear and took to Facebook to explain just why he's appearing.

Saying he received numbers of letters from friends and strangers alike, Kurt says he chose to do the show after much thought and prayer. After quoting scripture, he writes that God, "was letting me know that He didn’t place me in the position I am in to hide out in the church and preach only to those who enter those buildings (although I know this is important and part of my calling). He had called me to the WORLD, to those people who may never set foot in a church and may never (in their circles) have Jesus shared with them.

In taking me to these scriptures He enlightened me on the fact that His placing of me in the NFL was no different then the idea of Dancing with the Stars! He showed me that there is little in a locker room that appears Christian either. There is vulgar music, violence, language, sexual innuendos, hate, selfishness, pride, prejudice, judgment, etc… So why did I never get these same questions in regards to my football career?

My point is simply that God has called me to reach the world, by going into places where all Christians may not choose to go. He has equipped me to be a light in the darkness and my responsibility is to embrace it, step into, and allow him to use me as he sees fit."

As such, he's gone on Dancing with the Stars to show everyone what a good Christian can do, even in more un-Christian situations. You can read Kurt's entire statement over on his Facebook page.

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09.27.2010 / 12:00 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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