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Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo Saves the Sweatpants For On-Screen

Ellen Pompeo admits that her relationship with Chris Ivery and her on-screen relationship with Derek Shepherd differ in some pretty fundamental ways. Specifically: sleep wear. As we know, after a 36-hour hospital shift, a girl’s gotta don some sweatpants. “The look is fundamental to who Meredith is, but it’s just not particularly conducive to baby-making,” says Pompeo, joking, “If I’d worn [that] myself, I never would have had a baby.” Apparently Ivery, unlike rapper Drake, does not, in fact, find sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on to be the best he ever had.

Although, to be fair, while Meredith may be rocking sweatpants in the bedroom, her hair and makeup are always impeccable, you know, which is totally realistic for a doctor who just worked for three days straight. Luckily, the sweatpants work for Derek, thus proving his ultimate and infinite dreaminess, so if you ask us, Pompeo can save the lingerie for her real-life hubby.

Source: People


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