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Jersey Shore

Ronnie and Sammi’s Sex Tape

It appears that the Ron Ron juice is seeping into Ronnie's brain. He and Sammi have misplaced a certain home video of questionable nature. In other words, they have lost their sex tape. Bravo, you two.

A source close to Ronnie said, "Ronnie was flipping out the other night at a club appearance because he got a text from Sammi saying a tape they made wasn't where they left it... I've never seen him so mad in all the years of knowing him." Well, Ron, maybe it was accidentally put in one of your Girls Gone Wild cases? Or maybe Sammi destroyed it and is playing dumb with Ronnie? Or maybe the whole thing is just a hoax for the two to pick up some media buzz? Between Mike's stint on DWTS, Snooki's arrest, Pauly's spin-off, Angelina's slutty shenanigans, and Vinny and JWOWW's Playboy/Playgirl spreads, Ronnie and Sammi must be feeling a little left out. What better way to steal the spotlight than with Jersey Shore's first sex tape?

If it isn't a hoax, we don't understand what they're so worried about. They're on an MTV reality show, meaning that everyone's already seen them romping under the sheets in night vision-green. We don't even want to know what MTV hasn't been able to show...

Source: Examiner