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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Shares Thoughts on Bachelor Brad Womack, Chris Lambton

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is making the rounds to plug Brad Womack as the once-and-future Bachelor. On Tuesday he talked to Ryan Seacrest about Brad vs. Season 6 Bachelorette fan favorite Chris Lambton, and how Brad's persistence earned him the Wo-back comeback.

"This has been in the works for quite some time," Chris says of Brad 2.0. "He's been talking about coming back and we were kind of like 'No, I don't think it's right' and he's been proving over and over in saying, you know, just persistent of — he's been going to therapy, he's been doing a lot of soul searching, 'I'm a different guy, I want to come back and prove I believe in this process,' you know, 'I want to prove to everyone I'm a different man. I can and am willing to do this.'"

Meanwhile, he says, Chris Lambton did not want to do the show, despite pleas from all sides. "We got to this season and realized, you know, Chris Lambton, last year's second place guy, just wasn't right to be The Bachelor, and we started looking at other options and again Brad called and said 'I want to to do this.' And we said 'You know what, we have an opening, let's do it.'"

Fans (like Ellen Degeneres) who call Brad a "jerk" for dumping two women at the end of Season 11, won't get any disagreement from Brad himself. "He agrees that he was a commitment phobe," says Harrison. "He wanted to apologize to DeAnna and Jenni, the two girls he left. He feels like he has dealt with his issues, which you'll hear about in the first episode, about his dad. That's really where all this surfaced, in his commitment issues, and he dealt with those through therapy and his own personal relationships and feels like he's ready to do this now."

Chris has already seen a change in his fellow Texan. "He's a good guy, he's always been a good man. ... I think he felt like he needed to measure up to his brothers who are now happily married. And he's very successful, he's doing very well financially. And it's funny, I think you know these people too in life where they are great guys, very successful, but they just really suck at relationships."

No matter what Brad does this time, says Chris, won't hurt ratings. "Our show has never been predicated on the fact that we have a successful couple," he says, "and we've never promised that, which I think is a good thing because the audience is so savvy now, as you know. They'll see right through it. I mean, as soon as you start faking anything, you're called on it. The tabloids are all over you. There's more transparency than ever in good reality shows 'cause you can't get away with anything now."

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09.29.2010 / 11:07 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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