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Dancing With The Stars

Michael Bolton Wants Public Apology from Bruno Tonioli

Considering how badly Michael Bolton was scored on Monday night, his exit from Dancing with the Stars wasn't all that surprising. Yet the singer clearly took offense to the response at least one of the judges gave him: Bruno.

How did Michael feel about Bruno calling his performance of the Jive the worst in the history of the show? "I was disappointed with Bruno -- to me, he let everybody down," Bolton told GMA. "My mom was there, she's 90, she flew down to see the show... and I just didn't expect that level of disrespect from him. Even [fellow judge] Len [Goodman] stopped him and said, 'That's inappropriate.' I think he should apologize publicly and he should be reprimanded for it."

Harsh words. But does Bolton have a point? Or should contestants expect to be criticized when they perform on a show like Dancing with the Stars? Let us know in the comments below.


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