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Jersey Shore

Snooki and Kim Kardashian: Twitter Pals

Kim Kardashian has been a longtime Twitter follower of Snooki's, often tweeting when she, like the rest of us, is watching Jersey Shore. The main difference is that while Snooki has never acknowledged our tweets, she's been responding to Kim, and in an unexpected twist, the two reality queens have started hanging out off-line. Based on their Twitpics, it seems like Snooki could be a vertically challenged Kardashian. Oh, and she's also playing matchmaker with Kim and Pauly D — which Pauly D is totally down for.

@sn00ki Kardash sexpots Are you including yourself in that description, Snooks?

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@sn00ki Thanks gorgeous! Xox RT @KimKardashian: I'm about to watch the Jersey Shore!!!! Love this show! Who's watching w me? I see u Snooki, Jenni,Pauly,Situation,Sammi xo Snooki must think Kim is a BFD if she thanks her for being one of the millions of JS viewers, especially since Kim sounds a tad stalkerish.

@KimKardashian Your really missing out @DJPaulyD !!!! If only u could hear what @sn00ki is saying! LOL Secrets, secrets are no fun, Kim.

@KimKardashian Keeping Up With the Jersey Shore What a crossover that would make, especially if Angelina "The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" appeared for a cameo.

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@KimKardashian BEYOND WORDS! RT @KendallJenner OMG thank u so much! I love watching u on Jersey Shore! RT @sn00ki: @kendalljenner U are so fricken pretty! Dial down the fan girl, Kim.

@KimKardashian LOL u and Snooks come here! RT @JonathanCheban I stole @sn00ki 's hat! @kimkardashian get over here! Whoa, Kim's on a nickname-of-a-nickname basis.

@DJPaulyD Ok So Just Got Off The Phone With @KimKardashian ... It's Official I'm In Love !!! ThAnks @Sn00ki It’s good to know Pauly D is an equal opportunist and doesn't limit himself to the guidettes.