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Grey's Anatomy

Will Grey’s Go On Without MerDer?

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey recently sat down to talk about their futures on Grey’s Anatomy as well as the state of MerDer’s Post-It union. Pompeo’s cool with the Post-It marriage, while Dempsey wouldn’t object to having some kind of ceremony to make it official. Says McDreamy, “A lot of people were very unsatisfied by [the Post-It]. I think Derek should have had a little more of a ritual to give him closure. But then again he's already had a wedding (to Addison) and knows what the commitment is. "As cute as a big wedding would be, we’re more interested in babies. Babies now." Hop to it, you two.

Both actors’ contracts end after Season 8, but would they sign on for another season if given the opportunity? Says Dempsey, "If we were to stay longer, I would vote for a very strong 13 episodes and get out, because I think you cannot compete with the time the writers have on cable shows. That would be the one thing that would keep me interested in coming back."

Pompeo weasels out of giving a real answer: “I can't ever say anything definite. Who knows what will happen a year from now? I want to leave while the show is still good. If I feel like there are real good stories to tell and the audience is still interested, sure."

They both claim they could see a Grey’s world without MerDer, which may be true, but we can’t possibly see Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith. Passing the torch to Little Grey and trying to carry the show on that way doesn’t seem like much of a solution, either. Lexie can’t carry the show quite like Big Sis. If you ask us, ending it once we lose the original cast, while it’s on top, is the best answer. Don’t run Seattle Grace into the ground, Shonda, please?

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