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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: When Will MerDer Have a Baby?

Spoiler sources say that MerDer will, in fact, get pregnant again this season. “It’ll take them awhile to get past the shootout/miscarriage...but they will,” according to the source. They better. We’ve seen proposals, weddings, and houses built out of candles in Grey’s best days. What better way to round out the series than a birth episode? (Bailey’s doesn’t count.)

Grey’s Anatomy will also have at least one episode shot documentary-style. We’re thinking it’s gotta be a crossover, or, perhaps The Office is one of the docs’ favorite shows and they’re choosing to pay homage? Who knows? But we’re betting it’ll be a pretty funny episode — can you imagine Cristina’s expression while trying to do surgery with a camera in her face — and we welcome a dose of lighter fare this season.

Source: E! Online


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