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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Jillian Harris Explains Breakup with Ed Swiderski

If Brad Womack can be The Bachelor twice, can Jillian Harris come back as The Bachelorette? Things didn't quite work out with her chosen one, Ed Swiderski — he was dragged through the tabloids as a cheater before Season 5 even ended and things didn't get much better from there. They broke off their engagement a few months ago and she's back living in Vancouver.

"It was the last thing I wanted to do," Jillian tells Us Weekly, adding that she "fought very hard" to save the relationship. "It's terrible to leave because the other person doesn't know what they want."
After a "really sad summer," she's also dating again, recently seeing a local pro athlete. Meanwhile, Ed has been spotted flirting with several women in Chicago. (Which is exactly what the tabloids said he did during filming of The Bachelorette when he briefly left the show for work.) "He's not a bad guy," Jillian says of Ed. "He's just not quite ready to grow up." Funny, that's exactly what people used to say about Brad Womack.

Source: UsMagazine