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Jersey Shore

The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals

This may shock you, but "guido" isn’t a recognizable term in Japan, and there isn’t an apt Japanese translation. So, when Japanese networks decided to air Jersey Shore, they had to dream up a subtitle that would accurately describe the series to its viewership. The new Japanese Jersey Shore title? MTV Jersey ShoreThe New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals.

That's right: The best translation for “guido" the Japanese could come up with was "macaroni rascal." In a way, we like this, because it makes the Shore crew sound like a crazy, lovable gang that enjoys arts and crafts. Those macaroni rascals! But, on the other hand, it's somewhat disheartening that to communicate "Italian American," foreign cultures feel the need to brand them as pasta-loving rogues.

Does Governor Christie know about this? As chuckle-worthy as it is, the new show name could be more offensive to the state of New Jersey/Italian Americans that the show itself.

Source: TV Squad

09.30.2010 / 08:33 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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