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America's Next Top Model

Model Fashion: Tyra’s Makeover Inspirations

makeovers were dramatic — and not just because The Jays sent Terra packing for her `tude. Cycle after cycle, we watch aspiring models cry, scream and pout as they’re transformed from mall girls to glamazons. Do they really think Tyra doesn’t want them looking anything less than amazing? Some contestants refuse to see that when it comes to taking a model’s look “to the next level,” Tyra always knows best. You better believe if we ever show up on ANTM, we’ll sit quietly in the salon chair and grin our way through the makeover episode, even if they shave us bald (a la Cycle 1’s Ebony).

Although we’ve pushed through 14 past cycles of dramatic makeovers, we’ve never before seen Tyra’s method to the madness — until now. This week, featured the inspiration boards and hand-written notes for 10 of this cycle’s most memorable transformations. Here’s a quick peak inside Tyra’s makeover mind:

LEXIE: Two photos of models with long wavy blonde hair (which Lexi didn’t get) and a note saying. “brows: correct - they are too rounded.”

CHELSEY: A photo of Michael Kors model Carmen Kass in aviators. Notes say, “ice blonde?” and “cut three inches, style bone straight.”

KACEY: The hair color and style stayed the same but her note reads, “contacts: eye doctor on or off camera?”

ANN: Two photos of models with long red hair with notes reading, “long weave?” and “softer waves, not bushy.”

LIZ: Tyra wrote “Lyzbeth” and “middle part, long weave (Pocahontas).”

TERRA: A model’s photo with basically Terra’s same hair and a note that reads simply, “Likey.”


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09.30.2010 / 07:59 PM EDT by Phillip B. Crook
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