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Pretty Little Liars

Poll: The Return of Creepy Officer Wilden

PLL fans know Bryce Johnson as creepy, over-involved Detective Darren Wilden, a foe almost as fearsome as “A.” But Darren was kicked off of Alison’s case at the end of the summer season, thanks to the lawyering skillz of Spencer’s mom, and Bryce moved on to a bigger role on Fox’s Lone Star. But it looks like Lone Star is going to be canceled after just two episodes. That’s clearly bad news for Bryce, but let’s look at what really matters — what it means for PLL.

Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery), tweeted today, “If Lone Star is canceled does that mean a certain shady policeman is coming back to Rosewood? I vote yes." Later, she tweeted this at show runner Marlene King: “Detective Wilden is on his way home. Rosewood beware." Is that confirmation of the detective’s return, or just a request? We’ll stay tuned in for more breaking news on the subject.

But while we wait for something a little more solid, we want to know how you feel about Wilden’s potential return. We’re torn. On one hand, he’s a pretty good villain, and he’s not exactly hard on the eyes. On the other hand, he’s such a sleazeball, we feel dirty every time he’s on screen.

Source: Huffington Post, Twitter