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This Week’s Hottest, Ep. 3.2

We’re gonna have to bite the bullet and give the prize to the title character this week. A perfect storm of adorable awesomeness made our dear Castle even more attractive than usual. Initially, it was his endearing belief in Vivien Marchand’s psychic abilities. Then, there were the comforting words he offered his mother when she was deep in the throes of grief and guilt. Finally, it was the look he gave Beckett after telling her his middle name was Alexander, thus explaining Penny’s intuition that someone bearing that name would play an important role in the detective’s life. “What a coincidence, huh?” he said, completely and utterly aware of his power over her. Yeah, he wins.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also do a brief In Memoriam for Martha’s dearly departed and perfectly-named boyfriend, Chet. We never even saw the man who died before having his heart broken, but we seriously doubt Martha would date anyone unattractive. So Chet, consider this an honorary Oscar of sorts, our Thank You for Participating ribbon. You are the posthumous Hottie of the Week.

09.30.2010 / 10:32 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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