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Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey Talks Acting, Racing, and Grey’s

McDreamy has been McBusy this week. He recently appeared on both the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he expounded on everything from Transformers to cute animals to rubber thongs.

We learn a lot about Grey’s leading man in these interviews — including some insights into his Grey’s experience. He told Leno he’d pick racing over acting if he could, which would be tragic. But don’t worry, he’s grateful for his sweet gig. He actually thought Derek might not make it after the dramatic season 6 finale: “I’m just happy to be back on the show. I thought I was going to be killed off.” As if! Grey’s wouldn’t be Grey’s without McDreamy. And we’re not the only ones who win when Patrick decides to stick around dreary Seattle. He may only play a doctor on TV, but, as he tells Leno, he’s learned some tricks that come in handy in real life.

Sadly, he was fairly reticent about Grey’s plot lines. He does confirm that MerDer is aiming for a baby, telling Ellen that “the trauma is over, and now the big push is to have a child.” On Leno, he adds that “this year they’re changing things up a lot after last year’s conclusion.” So... they’re having McTwins? Wishful thinking...

10.1.2010 / 02:29 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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