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Jersey Shore

Sneak Peeks: Snooki and Angelina Throw Down

Catfight! The french-manicured fists go flying in this sneak peak of Jersey Shore. This time it's a rumble between Angelina and Snooki.

The drama erupts over a guy that Snooki's brought home to smush. Unfortch, the dude seems to be just a little too interested in Angelina. This sends Snooki over the edge as she screams at him to, "Go away. Go over there wtih Angelina. Stay over there. You're not allowed there." Sadly, this wouldn't be the first time Angelina has taken Snooki's sloppy seconds. A few weeks ago, the Staten Island diva was caught creepin' with Vinny fresh off his hook-up with Snooki.

But the drama hit a new high as the guidettes hurled threats and insults at each other. Angelina immediately gets on the defense as she goes off on all her roommates in a flurry of cursewords that would make our mamas blush. Snooki's reply? She tells another roomie to hold her earrings before digging her claws into Angelina. Things are going to get ugly!

Get all juicy details in this sneak peek clip of Episode 2.10 of Jersey Shore: