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Grey's Anatomy

Spoilers for This Week’s Grey’s Anatomy: “Shock to the System”

ABC leaked some clips of this week’s upcoming Grey’s Anatomy episode. We saw in the preview that aired that Cristina takes a spill in the OR and finds herself paralyzed all of a sudden. For a minute we thought she might have went all Million Dollar Baby, but now we know the culprit: a wicked case of shell-shock. Cristina and Avery are assisting Owen and Teddy in surgery when Avery knocks over a tray of medical tools. The clang sends Cristina reeling into a flashback of performing surgery on Derek at gunpoint and she hits the floor, mistaking the clatter for gunfire. As we all know, once you knock the force that is Cristina Yang down, she’s hard to get back up.

Mark Sloan jumps the gun, so to speak, and seriously considers proposing to Lexie, but Callie tries to talk him out of it, saying the two are notorious for skipping steps (ie. Callie asking Arizona to have babies before she had even moved in). Sloan has jumped to a whole new level, though, considering he wants to propose while he and Lexie aren’t even officially together.

Will Yang recover in time to deal with the entire flag football team struck by lightning? Will Sloan come to his senses and get back together with Lexie before popping the question? Tune in this Thursday for an all-new Grey’s Anatomy to find out.

Source: E! Online

10.1.2010 / 02:13 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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