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Grey's Anatomy

Which Hot Doc Will Soon Appear Shirtless?

Remember that first time we saw McSteamy almost naked? He stepped out of a steamy shower with a tiny towel barely covering his man-bits. You totally rewound that part several times on your DVR, and know exactly what we’re talking about. Don’t lie. Well, an in-the-buff reveal is happening again. Who do we get to feast our eyes on this time? (Feel free to let your mind wander at this time, pondering the possibilities so we can build some suspense.) ...Jesse Williams! That’s right. Seattle Grace’s very own Dr. Avery will lose the scrubs and show off his bod in the Grey’s Anatomy episode airing October 14th.

What’s the reason for the sudden naked party? An argument with Teddy. Oooh, shirtless and angry? It’s like Shonda gave us all an early Christmas. Says Williams about Avery’s confrontation, “He and Teddy butt heads throughout the episode and it leads to a faceoff. [Jackson] learns what benefits him and what doesn’t in terms of flirting and sexuality.” It looks like Jackson tries to use his abs to get out of trouble. Works for us. We’d probably turn into a puddle of goo at his feet if he pulled a stunt like that during a fight. While he’s always looked fine to us, though, he claims he had to “put down the cake and ran a few more laps” to prepare for the big event.

Williams did reveal that, although Teddy’s not having it, Avery will have a love interest this season. People are speculating that it may be Transformers actress Rachael Taylor, who we learned signed on for a multi-episode character arc earlier this summer, with whom Williams has worked before. He stayed mum though, claiming not to have heard anything about the pairing.

Stay tuned Thursday nights to ABC to watch Avery’s romantic life unfold.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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