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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev on Her On-Set Injury and Mastering Two Roles

Thanks to Twitter, we found out a few weeks back that Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) injured her back on the set of The Vampire Diaries. (Poor Nina!) In her latest interview with the New York Post, Nina reveals what exactly happened and how that ailment actually relates to Episode 2.4. Not only that, but she also dishes on the stresses of mastering two lead roles and what she’s most looking forward to this season.

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Post: Before we get into the show, you Tweeted about getting injured on set. How are you feeling?
Nina: I’m starting to do better now. I was getting run down with all the long hours, stunt work and stress of the show. I was holding all this tension in my back, overcompensated and pinched all these nerves. My back was spasming and I couldn’t move. I was put on bed rest for a while so now I’m better than ever. Back on set kicking some more butt.

Post: Has it been fun playing two characters full time?

Nina: It’s been really intense but in a good way. Every single day is a constant challenge and I'm never bored or just sitting around. I’m always being stimulated and these characters are so much fun. Going through all the different shades of playing sweet Elena while also being so ambiguous, spontaneous and crazy as Katherine – it’s really, really cool.

Post: When you read that Katherine would be turning Caroline, what did you think?

Nina: It was cool because although Katherine always has a grand scheme, she always takes on other people to do her dirty work. And Caroline is the perfect little minion. She knows how powerful Katherine is so Caroline will do anything and everything because she's scared. Turning Caroline and threatening everyone has kind of made Katherine like what Damon was at the start of last season. So unpredictable that nobody wanted to test him because they knew he could snap and kill them all. That’s Katherine. She will show them that she has no remorse, no fear and is relentless.
Post: Will we learn why Elena and Katherine are doppelgangers?
Nina: There is a reason, but you don’t know it yet. I think that when the characters and audience are meant to find out, they'll find out. But at this point, you’re still meant to figure it out.

Post: Do you believe Elena when she tells Damon, "I hate you?"
Nina: Right now, yes. Most definitely. The thing is, he wormed his way into her heart all last season. When no one understood him or attempted to be his friend, she did because she wanted to see the good in him. And he proved that he is not worthy of it. She gave him everything he could possibly ask for and he killed her brother. At this point she wants nothing to do with him. There’s no redeeming quality that she can see ... aside from the fact he’s attractive [laughs].

Post: [Last night’s] episode show's Katherine's point of view of 1864, do you think we might ever see Katherine's perspective on the events of season one?
Nina: Oooh, I don’t know. But I did hear we will go into different time frames this season. We’re going into different eras and I’m really excited about that – but in terms of which time periods, I don’t know. And if I did I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Or I’d get shot [laughs].

Can’t get enough Nina? Read the full interview here.

Source: New York Post

10.2.2010 / 02:26 AM EDT by Julie Walker
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