Is Chris Lambton Dating Peyton Wright?
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The Bachelor

Is Chris Lambton Dating Peyton Wright?

Bachelorette fan favorite Chris Lambton and Bachelor Pad star Peyton Wright may or may not be a thing. Too vague? Let's get into it.

Back in August, Chris and Peyton spent time together at the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic in Raleigh, N.C. The chatter at the time was about Bachelorette hottie Jesse Beck and Jesse, who were both on Bachelor Pad. As we saw on the show, that did not work out. (Their brother/sister dynamic was put in harsh light when he stuck his finger up her nose.)

After Jesse found a girlfriend who had nothing to do with the Bachelor franchise rumor had it that Peyton was part of the line of women wanting to spend time with David Good. But Dave said he and Pad co-winner Natalie Getz were trying to have their own casual thing, so that ruled Peyton out.

Soon however, Gia Allemand hosted a weekend in the Hamptons for a bunch of Bachelor friends, including Chris Lambton and Peyton. And now the rumor mill is churning about Chris and Peyton. Explaining why Chris L. wasn't chosen as The Bachelor for Season 15, Spoiler King Reality Steve wrote in his blog, "Not to mention, Chris is involved with Peyton now, so it’d kinda defeat the purpose if he did the show." Some fans have also noted that this weekend marked the long-awaited Cape Cod wedding of Chris Lambton's brother, Mark. Peyton supposedly joined Chris for the wedding.

Chris recently told Star why he turned down The Bachelor: "When my kids are 20 years old and looking for love, I want to say, 'This is the amazing story of how I met your mom,' not, 'Oh, yeah, she was the best of 25.'" Will he and Peyton be telling their kids about this someday or is this just the latest of so many casual Bachelor franchise hookups?