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Cool Interview Alert: Nathan Fillion on His Girlfriend, Worst Audition, Acting Role Model

Nathan Fillion fans, it's your lucky day. New York magazine just presented a crush-worthy interview from the ruggedly handsome Castle star. It's a long, personal talk and you'll feel like you're part of the conversation — and since there's no one to tell you otherwise, just pretend you were. Here are some highlights from Nathan including — sob! — details on his girlfriend. By the way, if you're curious about the girlfriend, Nathan told Jimmy Kimmel a funny story about a trip to Bora Bora they recently took and you can get a look at her in this YouTube video of Nathan at the Emmys.

What was your worst audition?
It was about 13 pages of script, so many scenes. In Burbank, 90 something degrees and we had to wait outside in the sun. They were running an hour and forty-five minutes late. And this casting director was very abrupt and said, You’re doing just scene 4. Half a phone call. I thought, you know, I’ve been here over two hours, working these 13 pages of script. I said, I understand, you’re running behind. But would it be all right if I did Scene 2? I worked really hard on it. She looked like I slapped her in the face. She said, No! We’re doing 4! I said, “You know what?” And I stormed out of the room and said “This isn’t for me!” I threw my script in the trash can and whipped open the door and slammed it shut. And I remember seeing the looks on the faces of those people—and I’m thinking “That was great, I stood up for myself!” And then, “That’s a roomful of people that will never, ever hire me.”

Did you run into them again?
No. You know, I certainly wasn’t in a spot where they were like, that was that guy. I was shocked when I went to L.A. I did three years of the hardest work any actor could do, I was nominated for an Emmy, and no one cares. Daytime prepares you so well: you can change the lines, I’m off the book five minutes later. Isn’t there value in that? You try not to take it personal —

But how can you not? It’s about you.
My feeling about it was, it’s not about me. These people want what’s best for the show. If I had an image in my mind, and this is not that guy—

You’re a handsome guy.
Say it again.

A very handsome maaaaan—and you said that when you started, you played bookish, nervous people. And then you moved to swaggering handsome guys. Did you have a sense of your own physicality?
No, I really thought of myself as a character actor.

Is there an actor you thought of as your model?
Harrison Ford. I steal all the best stuff from him.

I can see that.
I love watch Harrison Ford get beat up. He was the guy who gets beaten and smacked around and still keeps going. I’ve channelled that more than once.

Do you Google yourself?
I have a Google alert. Although before that, I had my mom, who basically is a Google alert. I was like, Mom, you have to consider the source. I’m not engaged.

Your personal life is not really part of your persona. Do you have a girlfriend?
I have a lovely girlfriend. I just—well, my public life is about my job. I’m not terrible outspoken politically. I try not to discuss religion, politics, and money. People say, Oh, you’re in the public eye—but, you know, it’s my job.

How’s your girlfriend about all that?

Wonderful. She’s not in it for the whole thing.

Did you get involved when you were famous?
We’ve known each other for a while, but we only got involved a while back. I guess I was doing all right — but we’d been friends for ages.

Okay, now I feel like asking questions. Is she an actress?
Yes, she’s an actress.

Is she well-known?
Not very, not very.

It’s the classic question, about two actors.
I’ve seen that happen, where two actors are dating and it becomes competitive. I’ve never experienced that. But I don’t think you would know her.

It might be different if the guy were the less famous, or maybe that’s just the cliché.
It falls into the category of jealousy, and I don’t think there’s room for that in a proper, loving relationship. If you’re jealous of your wife or husband, you ought not to be.

Was Castle created for you?
No, it was already out there. I had another holding deal. When I started reading the script, I turned to my girlfriend and I said, “I’m gonna read this to you and you tell me if you don’t think this is perfect.” I know exactly how to play this. I had a meeting with the producers and I did something I’ve never done, I said, stop looking—I’m this guy. Don’t take another meeting.

Source: New York magazine's Vulture

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