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Five Britney Songs Glee Should Have Chosen

We loved the Britney episode (natch), but even more noticeable than the great songs they chose to cover were the ones they left out. Did we really need to hear “...Baby One More Time” for the trillionth time in our lives? They should first have asked us which songs to include! Here are our picks for the five Britney songs that would have made the episode even better.

Song: “Lucky”
Year it was released: 2000
Who’d sing it: Rachel (Duh!)
Why: Our choice for a song off Britney’s second album, Oops... I Did It Again, is not the ubiquitous title track but in fact this more introspective number. Could any song have been more tailor-made for this show than one about someone in the spotlight but who is missing out on close personal connections? And who more embodies the persona of the tortured “Hollywood girl” and her “lonely heart” than our very own Rachel? In fact, had the episode not ended with that Paramore song, then this selection would have been perfect as the melancholic (and now-requisite) Rachel ballad that seems to happen at the close of every episode these days.

Song: “Circus”
Year it was released: 2008
Who’d sing it: Sue
Why: Is there any doubt that Sue runs this school? Thus, no one would be better suited for a song with lines like, “I’m like the ringleader, I call the shots.” And it would come as no surprise to anyone that Sue’s life is, indeed, a circus. (In fact, Sue is probably the only person who is controlling enough to be a ringleader and yet crazy enough to be in the sideshow!)

Song: “I’m Not a Girl (Not Yet a Woman)”
Year it was released: 2001
Who’d sing it: Quinn
Why: Who better to voice this song than a teenager who’s already given birth? Quinn certainly could appreciate lyrics like the line, “Life doesn’t always go my way.” Right now things seem to be going Quinn’s way once again, but knowing Quinn, she’s certain to be disappointed by someone in her life soon enough!

Year it was released: 2008
Who’d sing it: Kurt (Please!)
Why: Any number of girls on this show could sing this song to Puck, but what fun would that be? Our choice? Watching Kurt belt this number to Finn. We’d love hearing Kurt deliver a line like, “Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are.” This song would be a fun one for Kurt, at least until he (finally!) gets a man of his own.

Song: “If U Seek Amy”
Year it was released: 2009
Who’d sing it: Finn (to a new girl at school)
Why: Is there any doubt that the show producers chose the name “Jesse” for Jonathan Groff’s character, in part so that they could give Finn a reason to sing “Jessie’s Girl” about Rachel? So why couldn’t they introduce a new character named “Amy,” just for the purpose of giving Finn someone to sing this one about? Sure, the lyrics are bizarre, including some line about doing something with a piece of lime, but it’s hard to care when the song is so damn catchy. (And what’s that you say about a hidden meaning to the title? We’re shocked that we missed that; it must have been too subtle for us!)

10.5.2010 / 05:02 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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