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The Bachelor

Bachelor Spoilers: Details on Brad Womack’s Ladies, Shooting Schedule

Spoiler alert! If you don't want any exposure to Bachelor spoilers, you best get to steppin'. It's the only way you'll be able to preserve a sense of childlike wonder for the January premiere...

Bachelor Spoilers: Details on Brad Womack’s Ladies, Shooting Schedule
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Arise, Spoiler Nation! It's time to start sleuthing. Between Spoiler King Reality Steve and the sleuths at Fans of Reality TV (FORT), there's already a lot going on in The Bachelor Land, even though Brad Womack's Season 15 just started filming and won't air until the first Monday in January. The FORT boards have been hopping with speculation about possible contestants for a couple of weeks now, but Reality Steve has six women "confirmed" so far, so let's stick with what he says for today.

Here are some of the production schedule basics:

• There are 30 women this season (like Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette, where she had five extra guys, remember?)
• Filming started either September 24 or September 25.
• There is a group date being filmed Wednesday, October 6, where Brad will be taking some ladies to a taping of Dr. Drew’s “Lovelines” radio show.
• Later in October there will be either a group or 1-on-1 date at the Aria hotel in Vegas — the same place where Ali and Jesse Beck had their 1-on-1.
• Also later in October, filming will begin in Costa Rica. Steve adds a note about one of Brad’s business partners, Jason Carrier, who is getting married in Mexico on October 23. "According to the shooting schedule, Brad will be in Costa Rica at that time. I’ve been told that Brad will no doubt be appearing at his buddy’s wedding, so either he will just leave filming for a couple days, or they’ll make it part of the show and maybe turn it into a 2-on-1 date."
• There's also this cryptic note: "The 'Bachelor' has gone 'Twilight'? Still working on the details of that one. Hope to have it soon." Good, because that makes no sense right now.

And here is Steve's intel on the women confirmed to be on the show. He also includes photos on his site:

Kimberly Coon: Marketing coordinator in Charlotte, North Carolina. Got her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami. Got her Masters at the University of Alabama. Was a Carolina Panthers cheerleader in 2009.

Jackie Gordon: From Rhode Island, currently lives in New York City. Works with special needs kids on Upper West Side. Has a website for art she does as a hobby:, currently under construction.

Ashley Spivey: A nanny, age 25, currently living in New York City. Originally from North Carolina.

Jill Ruskowski: Born in Chicago. Age 28. Works in McKinney, Texas, at El Dorado Country Club. Played volleyball at the University of North Texas. She was eliminated on the first night. (Note: Jill was the first contestant the FORT boards discovered as part of the show in late September. A poster named Ryvetted said "I found a Jill Ruskowski, who's father Terry was head coach for the Laredo Buck's [hockey] and a pro himself." Sorry to see her cut so soon!)

Lindsay Hill: Lives in Frisco, Texas. Was a first grade teacher at Allen Elementary school, but she left her first ever teaching job after a month to go on The Bachelor.

Emily Maynard: Grew up in Florida, but currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is 24 and the mother of a 5-year-old daughter. "However, here’s where her story makes news," Steve says. "The father of her daughter is Ricky Hendrick, of the well known Hendricks Motor Sports in NASCAR. Ricky died in plane crash in 2004. Five days after he died, Emily found out she was pregnant with Ricky’s child. They were never married. If you google 'Ricky Hendrick plane crash', you can read all the details if you want. I’m not even a NASCAR fan, but I very much remember that whole story. Ten people died in that crash. Awful story. So if there’s ever an underdog people will get behind this season, I’m guessing it will be Emily. You will also find a lot of stuff that Emily has done on TV and radio by googling her, including plenty of more pictures, so I would expect this is one that could be around a while." So keep an eye on Emily. Maybe she'll even be the next Bachelorette.

Brad is a very lucky man, although most of these beautiful ladies probably wanted Chris Lambton as The Bachelor. But even if they did want Chris, he is 33 years old. Brad is 37 — turning 38 in November. What are they doing casting women in their early 20s? We hope the remaining list of contestants includes many more women over 30.

Source: Reality Steve

10.6.2010 / 11:13 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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