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America's Next Top Model

Interview: Karolina Kurkova Dishes on Healthy Eating and Her ANTM Appearance

We’re feeling sort of pseudo-international today, fresh off a conference call with Karolina Kurkova, who phoned in from Paris Fashion Week. The 26-year-old Czech-born supermodel is the guest judge on tomorrow night’s America's Next Top Model episode, and she stressed that her appearance on the show isn’t just about critiquing photos. “I didn’t want to go to just judge an episode,” she said. “I wanted to come as their peer...The whole filming was very casual. I had no heels on...I came as their friend.”

Part of this peer interaction included a nearly three-hour visit to the models’ house, where Karolina talked about, among other things, the importance of healthy eating. “It’s very important to teach a lot of these girls who come from small towns, who really might have no idea how to eat properly or take care of themselves,” she said. “It’s so important to eat and eat well.” While she whipped up a healthy fruit smoothie for the girls, she was surprised at some of their slightly less nutritious preferences. “They were showing me how to make fried Oreos. I didn’t even know they existed.”

With all the talk of food, we asked Karolina if cooking has become a passion of hers, as well. “I actually have lately really been enjoying cooking,” she said. “I’ve never really had that much time for it, so when I’m actually in my home, I try to cook as much as I can.” She admits to turning to the all-powerful Google for recipes once in awhile, but mainly favors clean, organic foods. “Everything is very simple and healthy and delicious and good for you.”

As one of the top-earning supermodels in the world who has walked in over 367 runway shows, Karolina said that the girls this cycle are all different types who need to get a handle on the kind of careers they desire. “When I met the girls it was so close to the beginning,” she said. “I still think they have a lot to learn...They really need to come out of their shells to really own who they are and who they want to be.” She also had high praise for the show’s creator, Tyra Banks, who’s helping to make that happen. “I like what Tyra does, her efforts to inspire and teach these girls to fulfill their dreams. It’s amazing.”

Tune in tomorrow night to see Karolina at panel...and in the kitchen.


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10.6.2010 / 01:03 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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