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Dancing With The Stars

Did You Know? Weird Facts About DWTS Season 11 Contestants mtv carp jason merritt.JPG

Famous people have all kinds of cool factoids in their biographies. We found a few quality nuggets on the Dancing with the Stars Season 11 cast. Which contestant dissed Bristol's mom? Who was a former underwear model? Think you know everything about the celebs? Test your knowledge here.

Who was married to the founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute?

Florence Henderson's beloved second husband, Dr. John Kappas, was a hypnotherapist and founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She met him while battling depression in the mid 1980s. He died in 2002. She studied hypnotherapy and is a licensed therapist.

Who got his first big film break as Boner in Revenge of the Cheerleaders?

That would be David Hasselhoff, back in 1976.

Who called Sarah Palin "the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11"?

When John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, Margaret Cho told the Washington Blade, "I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9-11. Someone who has no thoughts about women's rights and who wants to send women back to the Stone Age? You might as well not let women vote. I came out of the Democratic convention feeling so proud and excited, but now I fear that our country is so backwards in so many ways and the ignorance that exists is greater than we can even imagine."

Who went to prom with Kobe Bryant?

Back in 1996, Brandy Norwood accompanied the future L.A. Lakers star to his prom at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. They were just friends, though.

Who dated two Desperate Housewives?

Michael Bolton. He dated Teri Hatcher (Susan) in the early 1990s. He then dated Nicolette Sheridan (Edie) from 1992 to 1994, and again in 2005. Michael & Nicolette became engaged in 2006 but broke up again in 2008.

Who toured with Ozzy Osbourne?

Michael Bolton's band, Blackjack, once toured with Ozzy.

Whose sister is a famous TV star in Italy?

Rick Fox's sister, Jeanene Fox, is famous in Italy for her role as "La Filippona" on the satirical Italian Television Show called "Striscia la Notizia."

Who was engaged to Johnny Depp?

Jennifer Grey joins Sherilyn Fenn, Winona Ryder, and Kate Moss on Johnny Depp's list of ex-fiancees.

Who is a StarPower Ambassador for the Starlight Children's Foundation?

Kyle Massey and his brother Christoper are both StarPower Ambassadors for the Starlight Children's Foundation, which helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear, and isolation through entertainment, education, and family activities.

Who was named, in part, for the place where her mother worked?

Bristol Palin was named after the Bristol Inn, where Sarah Palin had been employed. She was also named for Bristol Bay, where Todd Palin grew up, and Bristol, Connecticut, the headquarters of ESPN.

Whose home was burgled by members of the Bling Ring?

On February 22, 2009, Audrina Patridge's home was burgled by two members of the Bling Ring, a group mostly of teenagers based in and around Calabasas, California, who burgled the homes of several celebrities. From October 2008 through August 2009 they stole about $3 million in cash and belongings, most of it from Paris Hilton.

Who started out as an underwear model?

As Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino told The New Zealand Herald News, "I guess it was two, maybe three years ago now I lost my job — it was a nine to five job like everybody else — and I didn't know what I was going to do. I thought, 'What have I got?' And I always had an unbelievable body [with] a six-pack and people would always say, 'You've got to do something with that eventually'. And I was 25, you know, so I had to make a move. So I sent my pictures in [to audition] for underwear modelling and then they called me back and said, 'Where have you been?'. Eventually I signed an underwear modelling contract, and I was only doing it for three weeks when I was referred to MTV for the [Jersey Shore] pilot they were doing. It was pretty crazy and it's been like a rocketship ever since."

Who is married to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran?

Kurt Warner's wife, Brenda, is an ex-Marine and she was divorced with two children when she and Kurt wed. He officially adopted her two children after they married. They also have five other children together.

Who played a drummer in the movie Dune?

Michael Bolton was an extra in the film Dune, featuring Sting and Kye MacLachlan. In the final fight scene, Michael plays a "spice-eyed" drummer.

Who was involved in a car accident with fatalities?

Both Brandy Norwood and Jennifer Grey were involved in car accidents that were fatal for the other parties. Shortly before Dirty Dancing was released, Jennifer and then-boyfriend, actor Matthew Broderick, were in a car crash in Ireland. Their car collided with another vehicle. Matthew, who was driving, suffered a broken leg. The two passengers in the other car were killed. On December 30, 2006, Brandy was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles. Awatef Aboudihaj, 38, the driver of the Toyota that was struck by Brandy's Range Rover, was killed.

Which four DWTS contestants, past and present, appeared in a commercial with Ozzy Osbourne?

DWTS veterans Donny and Marie Osmond, Kelly Osbourne, and Florence Henderson all appeared in a Pepsi Twist television commercial with Ozzy in 2003.

Source: Wikipedia