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Dancing With The Stars

Is The Situation a DWTS Spy?

They don't teach this on the Jersey Shore, do they? According to the ever-reliable National Inquirer, many of the Dancing with the Stars contestants are upset with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino because of his alleged spying.

"Jennifer Grey and other competitors caught Sorrentino red-handed, and told him to back off," a source told the National Enquirer. "He reportedly spied on voted-off Michael Bolton, Bristol Palin, Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, and others, so angry contestants complained to producers."

The Enquirer's insider adds, “What’s worse, after his sneaky spy forays, the big-headed bum mouthed off to backstage staffers about how bad his competitors are."

Interesting (and that last part sounds believable), but what can be gleaned from spying on his co-stars? After all, even if he knows their routines, he still has to actually dance. Unless spying allows their technique to be sucked in via osmosis, this seems fairly harmless.

Source: Celebrity Gossip


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