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Maggie Q Talks About Beating Up Bruce Willis, Playing a Female Action Hero

We may have been enjoying Nikita for a few weeks now but tonight, the action-packed CW series premieres in the UK. To promote the overseas debut, our favorite femme fatale gave a juicy interview with Metro magazine. Take a look at what Maggie Q has to say about beating up Bruce Willis, training with Jackie Chan and playing a female action hero below.

On her Die Hard 4.0 fight scene with Bruce Willis:
“That was fun,” she says of pulping Willis. “He was a good sport about it — he doesn’t usually get his a** kicked by anyone. And I was a girl. Bruce comes from a different school of action than I do — he’s of the John Wayne kind: punch, punch combo. That’s what he’s good at. The reason why my character was on a par with him was because she was so fast. He was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’’’

On it being a popular time for female action heroes:
“It certainly wasn’t 13 years ago when I started. It wasn’t cool to do action then. Now, actresses are like, ‘I love what you do’. In Salt, for example, Angelina Jolie is not playing the Bond girl, she’s playing Bond. That’s what it’s about now. I can’t tell you how many films I’ve gone for where someone so much less qualified than me has been picked to be the main villain or whatever. They got it because they were guys.’”

What she learned from Jackie Chan:
“I think the biggest thing I learned from him was work ethic,” the 31-year-old says. “I don’t know a harder-working person. When you work with someone like that, who has come from nothing, he doesn’t take s*** from anyone. You have to work really hard, otherwise you’re gone. I could be on a set with Jackie and drink my water and put it down. He could be across the room and he’ll look over at me and say: ‘When you walk away, that bottle of water is going with you.’ Oh yeah, it was no joke. If we dropped something and didn’t pick it up, or didn’t put something away, or weren’t respecting somebody, we would get yelled at.”

Source: Metro

10.8.2010 / 01:38 AM EDT by Julie Walker
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