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Grey's Anatomy

Sara Ramirez Says Callie Might Not Be a Lesbian

In a recent interview, Sara Ramirez confessed she’s not entirely convinced her character Callie is a lesbian. “I feel like Callie is sort of wrapped up in her current relationship," she said. "I think that if something were to go wrong, I guess she would have to reassess why that happened, like many of us do. You reassess why that happened and you would I guess come back to yourself, right?” Fair enough. Remember, as far as Grey’s sexual history goes, the guys and girls column is tied for Callie: George and Sloan, and Erica and Arizona. "But I don't think with Callie that it matters whether it's a guy or a girl. It's more about the essence of the person or the spirit of a person."

However, says Ramirez, "People are really invested in Callie and Arizona. I get like, 'Oh my God, Callie, you and Arizona, you guys like have to have babies. You have to get married, oh my God'. There's a lot of people out there that feel represented by Callie's journey and people that feel represented by Arizona's journey. There's a lot of women out there that have written to me and said, 'Thank you, I was able to come out to my parents and my boyfriend' or whatever." So, whereas Patrick Dempsey has to remind people “I’m not a real doctor. I just play one on TV,” it looks like Ramirez’s line is “I’m not a real lesbian. I just play one on TV.” Do we sense an anti-bullying video from Sara in the near future?

Back to the doc scoop, though, Ramirez reveals, "There are some more surgeries coming up that I was so psyched to be a part of, because I am totally into medical bloody, bloody, blood and guts operations. I'm so not nauseated by that stuff at all." In fact, in an upcoming episode, the Chief offers $1 million to the department of the the hospital that demonstrates the most need, and it turns into an Ortho versus the rest of the hospital showdown. Says Ramirez, “Callie turns into a very competitive person and actually starts running around trying to intimidate everyone. [She] does this hilarious passive-aggressive thing that was fun to play. She's trying to psych everybody out." We’re pretty sure tough broad Callie is enough to make any of the other Seattle Grace docs quiver in their scrubs.

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